Kirttana Ghosa - Translations

Namo Namo Madhava vidhira vidhidata

I bow, I bow to thee, O the giver of law
to the law-maker;
Thou art the motion and motive, and parent to the world
Thou art the Supreme Soul, the sole Isvara of the world;
there is nothing real beyond thee
Thou art the cause and effect
of everything mobile and immobile
just as there is no difference between gold
and the gold earring.
Thou art animals and birds, gods and demons, trees and grass;
it is due to nescience that the bewildered seeth
multiple phenomena.
Being ever infatuated with thine illusion
the fool doth not know thee who art his soul;
thou resideth in the heart of all creatures;
not knowing this truth, he seeketh thee outside.
Thou alone art the real, everything else is false;
knowing this the wise meditate on thee in their hearts.
I seek no spell of happiness,
and salvation is not my need;
let me have only devotion at thy feet,
may my lips utter thy name, my ears hear thy glory;
may the lotus of thy feet be ever in my heart;
may not the company of the holy ones be meaningless for me;
this is the favour I seek at thy feet.

Sri Krishnar Vaikuntha Prayana (Excerpt)

Krsna then addressed Uddhava and said:
He who desires to escape the sufferings for his past actions must first of all find the company of Vaisnavas. He should then hear about my glories from sincere devotees of mine. He must sing my glories every moment. He must carefully think of my form in his heart. Thus he who can sing and dance by declaring my glories should of course entertain no fears and he is sure to be sanctified.

I, who am God, pervade every object. Do, therefore, regard all and everything as though they were God Himself. Seek not to know the caste of a Brahmana nor of a Chandala. Look to a thief with the same eyes as to a great donor. He who thinks the noble and ignoble as the same, can alone be regarded as an omniscient scholar. Envy, malice, condemnation and pride forthwith vanish from the heart of a person who particularly regards all human beings as Visnu.
Abandon all such false conceptions as ' I am a saint, he is a thief, I may be a laughing stock in the circle of my friends.'; know that the soul of the dog, of the outcaste and of the donkey is that of God Himself, and prostrate before them with all your heart. Practise in person, mind and speech such things until and unless you can thus feel that every object is no other than Visnu.
He is at once free while he is yet in the corporeal cage who can see this world consisting alone of Brahma. This is the best way: consider every being as yourself...Know ye, that the Bhaktas are my heart and I am the heart of the Bhaktas who have no other thought than that of Myself, and I have no other thought but of them.