Excerpts from the Nama-Ghosa: Atma-Upadesa

Ātma-Upadesa means Self-Instruction. In this section of the Ghosaa, Madhavadeva addresses the different organs and senses and advises them to dedicate themselves in the service of the Lord.

Address to the Tongue

O Tongue, thou art always fond of what is sweet;
Knowest thou the essence of tastefulness.
Leaving other [things], do thou drink always
Only the nectar of the Name of Nārāyana. [verse 89]

O Tongue, thou hast been always unkind to me;
Why dost thou not utter the word ‘Rāma’?
It is only Hari Who is the strongest boat for this world-ocean.
Knowing this, [O Tongue] utter the most beneficial ‘Hari’. [90]

Address to the Ear

O Ear, thou art always fond of words/sounds;
Thou knowest sweet words.
A thousand times sweeter than nectar, sweetest is the word ‘Krishna’.
Listen thou always the praise of the Name of Krishna. [91]

Address to the Mind

O Mind, thy work is asserting and doubting, which is thy nature.
O my dear friend Mind, leaving aside all the false desires,
Always assert the Name of Krishna only
Which is the Highest Good. [92]

Address to the Heart

Listen thou, O Heart, all the things in the universe
Cannot satisfy thy craving.
Leaving them, do thou obtain peace,
Drinking the inexhaustible nectar of the Name of Krishna.[93]

Address to the Intellect

Listen, O Intellect, determining the nature of things is thy dharma.
Leaving all things which are destructible (temporal),
Do thou take to be the truth only the Name of Krishna
Which is ever-pure, blissful and indestructible (eternal). [94]

Address to Pride

Listen thou, O Pride (Ahamkāra), think not of thine own destruction,
Give up thy false egotism.
Krishna is the Supreme Isvara (God).
Be thou His servant,
And render thy worship unto Him in the company of the saints. [95]

Address to the Conscience

O Conscience, listen thou to this greatest secret,
Thou art the abode of pure knowledge.
Krishna is Eternal, Pure, Knowing;
He is the Highest God;
Leave not His protection. [96]

Krishna is my own God (Istadeva);
Krishna is my soul, my most beloved and my Guru;
He is my dearest friend, brother, my most near and dear.
Krishna is my goal and end of my desire.
Let there be fond attachment and devotion to Krishna.
Let the mind remain engrossed in the Feet of Krishna. [97]