Excerpts from the Nama-Ghosa: Ninda

Nindā means Censure. This section of the Nām Ghosā is devoted to the censure of those who do not take the Lord's Name.

There is such a word as Nārāyana
And man has the power of speech at his command;
Yet how strange it is that with his soiled mind,
Man brings his own doom reveling in hellish things.

The Science of Reasoning is a great tigress;
The expert in it is her husband;
The student is like her son,
The Science of Reasoning, entering into the world-forest,
Accompanied by her husband and son,
Devoureth the cow of the Upanishad.

[But] the Lion of the Name of Hari exhibiteth himself
In the midst of the forest of the Bhāgavata,
The crown-jewel of all the books of Revelation (sruti).
Hearing his thundering roar, the tigress of reasoning gets frightened
And flees off with her family.

O ye foolish men, remember Govinda, utter Govinda
Worship Govinda at all moments.
Govinda alone will save ye at the time of death.
The formulae of the Grammar will not save ye.

Those who regard Lord Krishna as the peer of other deities
Are low and deluded men.
They are bound to suffer in the eighty-four hells
And then take birth in sinful wombs.

Whatever there may be, māyā and the rest all the world are gross.
Only Krishna is the Spirit, the Pure Consciousness.
How bewitched and deluded are the people who leave aside Krishna the Consciousness
And die worshipping the gross.

Meditation (tapa), recitals (japa), pilgrimage (tirtha), fasting (vrata),
Vows, sacrifices (yagna), yogas and alms-giving (dāna) -
None of these is remembered at the time of death.
All surrounding the dying man tell him,
“Utter the Name of Rāma
Such a Name has been neglected so long up to now!

Because the Name of Hari is remembered as a friend at the time of departing for the other world,
Leaving aside everything else,
Why do not the foul-minded men remember at this moment
Such Name of Hari?

By what other means the learned men will now attain salvation,
Casting off the Name of Hari, the infallible antidote
Against this dreadful worldliness?

Those learned men who, having obtained the human birth,
Achieved not their own benefit,
Shall remain plunged in the world-ocean during millions of existences
And travel on suffering torments.

Who ever could be happy worshipping not Govinda?
Taking this truth into mind, the water-hen
Always singeth ‘kovā, kovā’-
‘Who is there? Who is there?’