The Master of Simile and Metaphor

Sankaradeva gives many a simile to prove the efficacy of Nāma to the hilt.

He says that fire, whether intended or not, burns away all combustible materials before it, so the Name of God, pronounced wittingly or unwittingly, burns away all sins.

Again, as a great medicine taken without even knowing its virtues removes all diseases, so one who utters the Name of God in spite of himself, shall of course be delivered from all miseries:

Bis buli amritaka pile yito nara
Nuhibeko jāno sito ajara amara

Is not a person sure to overcome old age and death when he takes ambrosia (amrita) by mistaking it from poison?

“Sankaradeva was the greatest master of the Assamese language. He had an extensive vocabulary and he could shape and manipulate words at his own sweet will. Innumerable words were absorbed into the language from various sources. Sankaradeva was a tri-lingual writer and he could write excellent poetry and prose in Sanskrit, Vrajāwali and Assamese. He indulged in colloquialisms and neologisms. He also coined extensively. He also had at his disposal, a vast amount of proverbial lore. His use of proverbs and colloquialisms is chaucerian.”