Excerpts from the Nama-Ghosa: Bhajana

Bhajana means Worship. In this section of the Nām Ghosā, Madhavadeva worships Lord Krishna.

Glory, glory be to Thee, O merciful Krishna!
I do worship at Thy Feet.
Let my mind be absorbed naturally in Thy Lotus-Feet. [188]

O Rāma the world-cause, O Lord the world-life,
Glory be to Thee!
Knowing Thee to be the Highest Deity (Parama Devatā),
I do worship at Thy Feet. [189]

O Beginningless and Endless Bhagavanta!
I fall prostrate at Thy Feet and worship Thee.
Giving up even the sweetness of liberation,
The sages do take Thy protection. [190]