Borgit - Translations

pave pari Hari karoho katari
prana rakhabi mora

I fall at your feet, O Hari!
And solicit your kindness to save my life.
Wealth is poisonous and enfolding and a passing show
Men and money are fickle,
So are life and youth
Fickle too is this world of man.
Wife and children too are of no worth:
Where is that which endures?
Mind wavers as a drop of water on a lotus leaf
Nothing for a moment abides
And there is no happiness of the Lord's feet
In the grip of the joys of living.
Sankara prays, O Lord ferry me out
Of this ocean of sorrow.
You are the only giver,
Give us your kindness and love
And show us the way with your guiding hand.

Gopale ki gati kaile
Govinde ki mati dile

What have you done, O Gopala
What have you done to my mind, O Lord!
All my days pass only in vain

In the midst of this dense forest
We move about as deer
Chased by Time's hunter,
And mauled by dogs of passion and anger.
Helpless without the Lord's kindness
How will we get out of this maze
With hearts laden with fear?
Two tigers - one of greed and the other of desire
Follow wherever we go .
And encircled as we are
And minds enfeebled,
We find no freedom from the shackles of gloom.
O Lord, I pray to your feet, get us out of this mesh
Sankara prays for your grace.